A View from the Bridge - Extract Question - P51

Topics: Love, Unrequited love Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: April 30, 2012
Look at how Beatrice and Eddie talk and behave. What does it tell you about their relationship? (P.51)

Throughout the passage, a lot is unveiled about the dynamic of Eddie and Beatrice's relationship. From the start, Eddie's unveiled as a domineering and demanding persona in the relationship (unsurprisingly as most men were seen as dominant at this time) when he exclaims, 'I want my respect!'. The exclamation mark puts emphasis on the command thus furthering his belligerent portrayal. Despite this, this could also invoke that Beatrice is someone who is dismissive and hard to connect with as he is having to shout to get his point his across. Beatrice furthers our interpretation of her inferiority when she asks 'what more do you want?'. Disregarding the fact that she has already done what Eddie had requested - 'I done what you want', she is still wanting to satisfy his irrational dissatisfaction thus telling the reader that in their relationship, she is at his every beck and call, despite irrational behaviour from Eddie. On the other hand, this could interpreted as a sardonic exclaim by Beatrice as she is fed up of Eddie's deluded ideas. In contrast, this would imply that their relationship is not as one sided because Beatrice shows backbone and is not milquetoast. This interpretation is further supported when Eddie says 'I don't like it! The way you talk to me and the way you look at me'. This brings into light that Eddie, irrationally, takes on the role of the victim in the relationship. Repetition of the exclamation mark implies that this is a characteristic of their conversing as opposed to an anomaly. When Eddie 'moves about biting his lip' it implies that he is anxious and inattentive. This could also suggest that the relationship is just made up of an unrequited love from Beatrice due to Eddie's infatuation and sub-conscious love for his niece, Catherine. Eddie tries to convince Beatrice that 'the guy ain't right' which suggests that he values her opinion...
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