A Vegetarian Diet vs the South Beach Diet

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  • Published : April 6, 2012
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The Vegetarian Diet Vs. The South Beach Diet

Finding the right diet to fit your body’s needs can be a very difficult process. There are many different diets, such as a Vegetarian diet, the South Beach diet, the Atkins diet, the Special K diet, the Sonoma diet, and many others. Before you can start a new diet, you need to make sure you know all about it and if it can really help you lose weight. The effectiveness of a diet depends on many components, the amount of calories you eat, how much protein, vitamins, and fats are in your foods and other macromolecules. A Vegetarian diet and the Atkins diet are two different diets that have been proven to help people lose significant amounts of weight. Each diet consists of different foods and amounts of macromolecules. A Vegetarian diet emphasizes on fruits, vegetables, whole-grain, and plant based proteins. These foods contain fewer calories and are more filling than other foods. Since vegetarians do not eat meat, they usually have a lack of protein in their bodies. To make up for the lost proteins from not eating meat, they must eat more nuts, seeds, and legumes to help raise their protein levels. Vegetarians also lack calcium, an important vitamin to keep your body healthy and resist certain health disorders, such as anemia. Even though, vegetarians lack many proteins, they are much healthier than non-vegetarians. Vegetarian diets contain more nutrients and less saturated fat and trans-fats than non-vegetarian diets. A vegetarian diet focuses on eating natural fruit, vegetables, and whole-grains, to lose weight, unlike the Atkins diet, The Atkins diet is a diet plan that focuses on eating lower amount of carbohydrates. Each person has a different level of carbs needed for their body to work properly, and the Atkins diet focuses on finding that correct amount and limiting yourself to that. While on the Atkins diet, it’s very hard to get the right amount of nutrients to keep your body healthy. The first phase of the...
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