A Vacation to Dubai

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“A Vacation to Dubai”
It was June 2, 2015 and Mrs. Smith was planning her trip to Dubai. She was so excited because she has never been there to that side of the world before. But she also has to get work because it is also a business trip as well. The next day she gets to the airport and checks out all of her belongings and is waiting for the plane to depart. They call first class and she is the first one in line. She is seated and is anxious because she can’t wait to see what amazing things they have. She sees these strange men walk by her but pay no mind to her staring. She forgets about them and puts her ear buds in and begins fall asleep. A couple hours pass and she wakes up and sees that there aren’t many people on the plane as she seen before the plane departed. There is only about roughly about seventeen of the on there and she searches around for the strange men but there are nowhere to be found. She gets up to ask the pilots if they know what happened because she dozed and the moment she went to open the door there was a man there with a gun and demanded her to go back to her seat and Mrs. Smith refused. The plane landed and everyone was forced off and taken to a shack. They were locked in there for a couple of hours but then they noticed that there was a back door to the shack and tried to sneak away. They were so close but the hijackers knew there plan all along. The tried a different way and finally the succeeded and all of the got back to the United States safely.
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