A Two-Sided Weapon

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Ghandour 1
Houssam Ghandour
English 203/section 21
Mrs. Haifa Shmaysani Sh’ayto
March 18, 2013
Essay 1; Topic # 2
A two-Sided Weapon

Since the beginning of the 21 century, technology has evolved as never before. This resulted in the development of social media which has dramatically influenced people around the world. Who does not use Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Skype or at least has not heard of them? Social media has become part of our lives and we cannot live without it. It interferes in all aspects of our lives. Connecting people is all about time. The question lies in how to allow people to communicate in no time. Here comes the role of social media that connects people who are thousands of miles away by few seconds through the internet. Thanks to social media, the world has become a global village where time and distance are shortened. That evolvement of social media has its great influence on the behavior of people in general and the young in special. One can never deny that media has changed the way the young people socialize and interact with the society.

Social media was born to solve one of the most important obstacles that we encounter in our lives which is the ability to connect people with each other easily and quickly. By using the facilities of social media, the youngsters have found a chance to communicate and socialize with each other and to easily acquire any kind of information needed in their lives, whereby they could easily access different websites and forums. Social media is continually being enhanced and innovated in order to make life easier, save time, and give people a change to intermingle and socialize. For instance, it helps people connect with each other via Skype, Facebook, Twitter even though they might be living on opposite parts of the world. These advantages are the

Ghandour 2
reasons for the rapid spread of social media all around the world. Another reason for this world wide spread is that using social media is a cheap way that allows family members and friends to communicate with each other. For instance, travelling would be very costly, and so people cannot regularly travel in order to meet each other. A third reason is that the young people need those innovations I order to fit in and not be excluded by their peers. In fact, peer pressure constitutes very important aspect youngsters’ lives. As the social media is growing every day, the other more primitive methods of communication are being neglected and because they cannot face the powerful facilities that social media offers to the consumers. In other words, social media has become a vital necessity in our lives not only because of the facilities it gives, but also because all other techniques have been outdated.

It is clear that social media has its direct influence on the youth. The new generations are using social media in everything they do. According to an American recent survey, 83% of the young use social media and 69 % of them use the social networking every day (Sengupta, August 2011).Facebook, Twitter, and many other networks became a part of their lives and they cannot live without being connected to them. According to Dr. Short, President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, "Right now there are more mobile phones than toothbrushes,"(Sky news, 2013). Yes, being connected to internet and using social media facilities is more important than hygiene says the study .It is like drugs, where once you try it, you get addicted. The extreme use of social media and the heavy dependence on it has strengthened it and magnified its influence on the society. Since the teenagers and the young people are the biggest users of social media, its radical effects are manifested in the new generation, whereby it has changed the way the young behave and interact in the society.

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New generations are getting smarter. Every new generation is more knowledgeable than the previous one. Flynn found...
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