A True Lion

Topics: Meaning of life, Life, Fear Pages: 1 (453 words) Published: March 22, 2013
A True Lion
By: Kevin M. Macheca
They say that a brave man is like a lion. So, how can we be like a lion if frights and fears are always dominant against to ourselves? Is there any weapon to hinder this kind of phobia in life? People, are you a true lion or just pretending somewhat that you belong to this genre of humanoid? Or must we wait until others will tell us as a coward lion? Is true lion a person of great courage, strength and determination? Well, can you consider yourself as a true lion? A lion is always the king of the jungle and the beast for the reason that they are the most majestic and boisterous form of animals among the others. Truly, lion is precisely chivalrous and fearless in many races of animals that’s why it is called as the chieftain of their tribes. The presidents, legislators, priests and any of those members of the society can be consider as a strong lion for they can refrain and cease tribulation and make everybody pay attention whenever they want. A man who swallows anyone’s pride isn’t a description of a lion otherwise a good lion knows the feeling of being underestimated. A brave lion is not a man who considers the twists and turns in life as a tiresome game because a true lion is a person who enjoys the philosophy of life to the fullest. It’s a lion that can surmount nightmares in life and can stand upright with his own feet while walking thru his footpath. A lovers who always fighting is not a true lion otherwise a two brave hearts is strong enough to link the kingdom of love whoever hindrance of their relationship. A brave lion is not pessimistic, he’s optimistic and sees difficulties in every opportunities. A soldier lion is always ready to wake up even in the aisle of war; it’s not the lion that always sleep ‘till the morning dawns. A brave lion is not the man who fights and kills for his own sake; it’s the man who surrender himself to jail from the wrong-doings he did. And yes, a true lion knows to fear on our divine...
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