A Tristise of Christian Man

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  • Published: May 3, 2013
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Martin Luther, A Treatise on Christian Liberty (1520)
Martin Luther’s early works were essentially negative in tone: he explained what he found wrong with the Church and described or attacked it in detail. On Christian Liberty (written less than two months after the Letter to the German Nobility) is altogether different in spirit. Like his previous works, it was essentially an open letter to be read by the public, yet it was also addressed to a particular person — Pope Leo X. Luther simply explains his belief that salvation was achieved by faith alone, not through faith accompanied by good works. Following the normal pattern of theological debate, Luther supported his positions with citations from the Bible. Many have thought Christian faith to be an easy thing, and not a few have given it a place among the virtues. This they do because they have had noexperience of it, and have never tasted what great virtue there is in faith. For it is impossible that anyone should write well of it or well understand what is correctly written of it, unless he has at some time tasted the courage faith gives a man when trials oppress him. But he who has had even a faint taste of it can never write, speak, meditate, or hear enough concerning it. For it is a living fountain springing up into life everlasting, as Christ calls it in John 4. For my part, although I have no wealth of faith to boast of and know how scant my store is, yet I hope that, driven about by great and various temptations, I have attained to a little faith, and that I can speak of it, if not more elegantly, certainly more to the point, than those literalists and all too subtle disputants have hitherto done, who have not even understood what they have written. hat now all things are allowed them That I may make the way easier for the unlearned - for only such do I serve - I set down first these two propositions concerning the liberty and the bondage of the spirit: A Christian man is a perfectly free lord...
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