A Trip to Sydney

Topics: Hong Kong, Octopus card, MTR Pages: 1 (417 words) Published: December 22, 2012
Along the way from the Sydney airport to my new home here, what I felt is Sydney is really a big city and really similar to my place, Hong Kong. If there is not the English road sign along the highway, it will just make me feel I am still in my city. However, after walking around this city, I have found there are really some big differences though both are prosperous cities in the world. And those differences make me really jealous of everything living here in Sydney.

As a new visitor of this city, I really have no knowledge of everything here, including how the transport runs here, or even how to identify money of different value. So when I got on a bus, I spent several minutes counting the money and asking the drivers the way. If this happened in Hong Kong, undoubtedly someone on the bus would be moaning or even blaming aloud, in foul language. In Hong Kong, speed and efficiency is the most important all the times. Can you imagine when you got on the bus without preparing your octopus card or coins in advance, and only start finding your wallet in your bag for a few seconds, people behind you in the queue will definitely express impatience? That’s what happens in Hong Kong so sometimes searching my octopus card makes me feel stressful. However, here in Sydney, no one blamed on me and everyone seemed to not care about this at all. That was the first time I thought I could have a rest and not always chase the time in Sydney.

This thought came to my mind for the second time when I bought something and paid in the supermarket. In Hong Kong, you can never imagine how fast the cashiers can grab all the things and stuff them into bags. After receiving money from a customer and quickly packing all the things, even you are still putting the changes to your wallet, the cashier will immediately turn to another customer and packing things in an incredibly fast speed. However, here in Sydney, the cashiers slowly put one item at a time and even chat with colleagues...
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