A Trip to Robert Mouawad’s Museum

Topics: Middle East, Ottoman Empire, Roman Empire Pages: 2 (459 words) Published: March 23, 2012
The Robert Mouawad private museum visit was a worthwhile amazing journey. The museum itself was extraordinary, especially since it was made by one man for the public to see, enjoy and learn about the artifacts history. What kept it exciting was probably the fact that it was organized in a manner that was casual rather than just grouping them by categories. Although it is located in Beirut where there is so much traffic and disturbance, but the moment you enter the beautiful garden that surrounds the house you feel that you are in a different world. The Italian style architecture of the house was quite impressive with the great colors used for the outside and the amazing garden that contained many heads and columns that belonged to the Roman and Byzantine periods. When I entered the museum, I was truly surprised. I wasn’t really expecting to see this neatness and way of organization in which the artifacts were represented to the public. The museum had a lot of artifacts that were from the 15th and 16th centuries, from tiles (Syrian tiles, Turkish tiles, Portuguese tiles) to fountains where one of them was restored. One of the most interesting factors is how different pieces were collected by Henri pharaon, from different places and then fitted all together. The jewelry collection was not very important to me as much as the dining room that contained the marvelous young roman statue. The dining room’s ceiling was a collection of three different ceilings that belonged to three ottoman houses. Above the dining’s room entrance door was an amazing carving of saints that made the entrance door look just perfect. The museum included some important artifacts, such as the world’s second largest diamond, excelsior, which is about 68 carrots, and is placed in a room by itself. Also there is the first printed Qur’an and the two pendants, the neo-renaissance French pendant that represented Apollo and the Spanish Dragon pendant as well. One thing that really caught my attention...
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