A Trip to Remember - 1

Topics: Bohol, Central Visayas, Tagbilaran City Pages: 2 (951 words) Published: December 28, 2012
A trip to Remember
It was a beautiful, sunny morning as my family and I drove out in a bus headed for Dumaguete City. I remembered the excitement and the energy as I packed for the trip. We were heading to a little adventure in Bohol, which would be my first time to visit the place. The anticipation of being there with my family was overwhelming, and I knew that the trip would be something great to remember in the future. As we got to dumaguete, we have to stop by at our grandma's house to tell her of our trip. She was excited for us and made us promise to bring her pasalubongs. We said our hasty goodbyes and head out to the port where we would board a fastcraft to take us to tagbilaran city, bohol's capital city. The weather seemed to be fine but the waves were less accomodating in making our trip pleasant. But it didnt detter our determination to cross it, although boarding it felt like riding on at least an hour of ferris wheel, we all felt nauseous. But at last we reached tagbilaran city with dizzy heads. Since it was already night time when we got there, we checked into the hotel immediately to rest. As morning came, so did the time to explore bohol. Our first stop was the famed chocolate hills. As we drove, the scenery was breathtakingly beautiful. The view of the forest stretched as far as I could see. The ripples and greeneries continuously flowed toward the landscape, eventually forming into something wonderful. I was very excited to see the Chocolate hills because I've heared it's such a sight to behold. I remember having butterfiles in my tummy because we were very close to our destination and I couldn’t wait to see it. The mountains were enormous and full of exotic green plants including coconut trees. My mother Elma, who was at the front seat of the van at that time, suggested pulling over to take some family pictures and to enjoy the view for a couple of minutes. It was so much fun, and getting through the manmade forest as well. Next stop was the...
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