A Trip That I Would Like to Take

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A Trip that I would like to Take
by:Kimberly C. Essay 3 21.5.2013

There are a lot of places I want to go. Like: Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, etc. But the place that I want to go the MOST is (drum roll) KOREA!(suddenly heard Super Junior Happy singing “Victory Korea!”)

Well, it's not like I have not been there, but all the Koreans are super nice! And the sceneries are very nice. They even left a palace for the tourists to visit! Plus, the sausages there are very tasty! Even though if I go to Korea and I ate a sausage for dinner, I needn't eat any more. Well, Korea's sausages are not as famous and huge like Switzerland's but I like them all the same.

Also, for the THING that had made Korea so famous now is....K-POP! There are boy bands that sometimes are cute and sometimes very mature. Like: “SHINee”, “Boyfriend”, and “Super Junior”. And self composing bands like “CNBlue” and “Teen Top”, dance cover bands like “Younique Unit” from SM Entertainment, rocker chick style girl bands like “2NE1” and goddess like image bands like “Girls Generation”.

During Spring season, there are sakura flowers that the Japanese brought to Korea before. And during Autumn, there are dry leaves everywhere and the scenery is very beautiful. And the best season of all----WINTER! You can play with snow, go skiing and do lots of fun stuff!

Korea also has a lot of celebrations. Like.... PEPPERO DAY! During Chinese New Year, Koreans eat new year cakes. But the Koreans new year cakes are different from ours. Their new year cakes are long and cylinder shaped. And it comes in different flavours. The white new year cakes can be eaten just like that or you can dip some sauce then eat it or you can fry it first. Any way, what I want to say that it is still delicious no matter how you eat it.

All that I'm saying is Korea is a very good place to visit. And to all of the k-pop fans that are reading this, hope you meet your idols when you go to Korea!

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