A Tribute to My Dad

Topics: Family, Marriage, Mother Pages: 2 (527 words) Published: March 20, 2013

On women's day there is lot going around about women empowerment and how men should behave and see their women counterpart but I feel there are some real men out there who have stood strong from decades empowering their women and its time to pay tribute to such "real " men.

I will start with first men in my life my Dad, he was father of 4 girls and I was the youngest of all, all I can remember being talked about in our home was what all four of us will do in our careers and very rarely about getting us married. I remember my dad often asking my mom to go for higher studies and do something of her own.3 of us are engineers and one is lawyer. There was nothing that we four sisters could not do that a guy can do from driving bike, car, studies, leaving our hometown to pursue our careers alone. My dad always stood strong to get us married without dowry and set the example in the society. Dad could connect with like minded ppl and there added all other real Men in our family. My Dad did not do Kanya daan for any 4 of say and challenged the society saying girls are not commodity to be handed over from one man's possession to another.

I remember back in 1991 when my first sister wanted to marry her friend who was from another community my dad welcomed it with open heart, again he faced questions raised by others in our extended family but he again set the example in our community that if guy is well educated and comes from a good family that is what he will look for not the caste and sub-caste.

All my sisters got married to families that also respected women equally and we all given full freedom to our thoughts, beliefs and actions.

Am myself blessed with a husband and his supporting family who has given full respect to me being a women, first from grandfather in law who being in his 80s asked me to never leave my career for anything, he was a head master in a small village in interiors of chattisgarh, In-laws who have supported me to carry on my career...
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