A Translation Course in Building Vocabulary

Topics: Meaning of life, Medicine, Etymology Pages: 118 (30565 words) Published: December 13, 2012
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Abdullah H. Homiedan, Ph.D Atef F. Youssef, Ph.D

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١- INTRODUCTION ٢- How to assess your own vocabulary
- disheveled appearance - test of verbal speed - a test of verbal responsiveness ٣- CHAPTER ONE - lexicons related to personality types - etymology and related words - more etymology - exercise on chapter one ٤- CHAPTER TWO - words related to medical specialists - origins and related words - review of etymology - match the words - recall the words - work with the words - exercise on chapter two ٥- CHAPTER THREE - lexicons on science and scientists - origins and related words - review of etymology - match terms with meanings - recall the words - love affairs -review of etymology - test of semantic ability -exercise on chapter three

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٦- CHAPTER FOUR -language of liars and lying - match words with definitions - recall the words - origins and related words - review of etymology - exercise on chapter four ٧-CHAPTER FIVE - words related to tickling and flattering - bad news -review of etymology -definitions and words - origins and related words - review of etymology - match words with definitions -exercise on chapter five ٨- CHAPTER SIX - persons and personalities - origins and related words - words and their right expressions - recall the words - chapter review - exercise on chapter six

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When you have finished studying this book, you will no longer be the same person. You can not be. If you honestly read every page, if you do every exercise, if you take every test, you will go through an intellectual experience that will effect a radical change in you. For if you systematically increase your vocabulary, you will also sharpen and enrich your thinking; push back your intellectual horizons; build your self-assurance; improve your facility in handling the English language and thereby your ability to express your thoughts effectively; and acquire a deeper understanding of the world in general and of yourself in particular. Increasing your vocabulary does not mean merely learning the definitions of large numbers of obscure words; it doesn't mean memorizing scores of unrelated terms. What it means -what it can only mean- is becoming acquainted with the multitudinous and fascinating phenomena of human existence for which words are, obviously, only the verbal descriptions. Surely you cannot deny that such an experience will change you intellectually. The result will have a discernible effect on your methods of thinking, on your store of information, on your ability to express your ideas, and on your understanding of human problems. What this book can do for you. This book is designed to get you started building your vocabulary effectively and, at jet-propelled speed, helping you regain the intellectual atmosphere, the keen insatiable curiosity, and the powerful urge to learn. The organization of the book is based on two simple principles: (١) words are the verbal symbols of ideas, and (٢) the more ideas you are familiar with, the more words you know. So, chapter by chapter, we will start with some personality type, doctors, sciences, unusual occupations, liars, actions, speech habits, insults, compliments, etc. and examine ten basic words that express various aspects of each idea. Using each word as a springboard, we will explore any others that are related to it in meaning or derivation. However, the approach is, primarily, to focus on certain ideas each...
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