A Time When Something Unexpected Happened

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I would hate to be famous. When you're famous, you don't have any privacy. Also, there's too much criticism. Lastly, it can harm my safety. Being famous isn't all that great, like you think it is. Many people who are famous have many problems and sometimes wish that they weren't famous at all. I do not want to be famous.

First, when you're famous, you do not have any privacy. Paparazzi will follow you, and take pictures of every single thing you do. The paparazzi are very aggravating. Also, fans will always be running up to you and asking for autographs or pictures. Lastly, people will always want to know where you're at and what you're doing.

Second, when you are famous, you have to take a lot of criticism. Critics will always be judging you. They'll judge you on what you're wearing, what you're doing, and even what you're eating sometimes. Also, haters will have mean remarks or comments. They will also spread rumors about you.

Finally, being famous can harm your safety. You might have some mega, crazy fans that may stalk you. Myriad famous people also receive threats, and their lives are put in danger. Super haters may dislike you so much, that they actually attempt to murder you. Many celebrities have been murdered due to hate of the famous person.

In conclusion, being famous would be atrocious. Celebrities cannot have a sequestered life what so ever, they are criticized, and they are not safe. You don't need fame to have an opulent life. Living without fame is just fine, and I have fun without it. I do not want to be famous.
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