A Thousand Splendid Suns Essay 2

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  • Published : May 15, 2011
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A Thousand Splendid Suns Essay
There is endless fighting in Afghanistan which has affected women significantly. Women have been controlled by men and lack power because of the oppressive governments who allow women to be treated like objects. Mariam and Laila are the women in this novel that the author chose to symbolize the many belittled women in Afghanistan. These women have no choice but to endure; as Nana says, it is all they have. Mariam and Laila are the examples the author uses to show the reader how woman are often mistreated by the government, and the men, who have power over the women. Mariam begins a life she must endure from birth. As a harami, or bastard child, Mariam’s life begins in exile, on the fringe of society. She must endure her loneliness, and her future desires, as she is “not like the others” of her society. But her want to be present in the rich lives of her father Jalil, and her brothers and sisters causes Mariam to lose everything. If an Afghan woman does not appreciate her present life, it will lead to loss and an even greater need to endure. Jalil cannot embrace Mariam in the presence of society, for he would lose face. Mariam expected love and acceptance from Jalil, but when it was not shown in the presence of society, she was psychologically damaged, and she felt lost. Mariam expects to be equal to her siblings; well educated in private schools, taken to movies, and loved. Her little sister Nilofaur is the only person in her family who accepts Mariam as part of the family. This shows that society has the power to shape and change people’s moral values. Nilofaur, the innocent child, believes in the acceptance of all, which is why she accepts Mariam despite her being a Harami. The step mothers, the eyes of society, wants Mariam to be married off, a social norm. Even though Jail’s heart may despise this idea, it is his duty, being a part of society and a decent family, to force her to marry Rasheed. Once married to Rasheed,...
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