A Thousand Splendid Suns - 3

Topics: Religion, Soviet Union, Belief Pages: 2 (530 words) Published: January 14, 2013
All around the world people are all different from each other making conflicts or things around them show how they are. Many people in Afghanistan have different beliefs or characteristics based on political or religious beliefs, molding them on how they are now. For instance the book A Thousand Splendid Suns by shows how two characters that live in Afghanistan are different because of the political climate in their country. Afghanistan’s climate shapes out how Hakim and Rasheed have different and similar views or thoughts about political and religious beliefs.

In Afghanistan people have different opinions on what they think helps or would benefit them. Hakim is a small, fragile, smart man who is married to Fariba, and the father of Laila. He is evolved from old Islamic ways like not letting his wife cover her face and not controlling or telling his wife what to do. Also he has more modern beliefs including the belief that women deserve equal rights and education as men. He shows this when he talks to his daughter, “women has always had it hard in this country, Laila, but there probably more free now, under the communists and have more right than they ever had before” (121). The soviets taken over in Afghanistan made Hakim want more opportunities for Laila so she can be or do something great with her life, and never have to settle. He only wants the best for her.

Many people have different traits that show who they are based on what’s happening around them. Rasheed is a big, demanding, and criticizing person, also married to Mariam. He believes in old Islamic ways like women should cover themselves fully, that they should only be seen by their husband. He doesn’t like people or things that are modern. He shows this when talking to Mariam “it embarrasses me, frankly, to see a man who’s lost control of his wife: but I’m a different breed of man, Mariam. Where I come from, one wrong look, one improper word and blood is spilled (63). The soviets controlling...
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