A Thousand Miles: a Qualitative Research Study on Successful Long Distance Relationships

Topics: Interpersonal relationship, Marriage, Relationship Pages: 11 (3830 words) Published: October 5, 2012
A Thousand Miles: A Qualitative Research Study on Successful Long Distance Relationships

Geela Amoroso
Veronica Balbin
Regene Bautista
De La Salle University- Manila


Stafford, Daly, and Reske (1987) say that approximately one third of premarital relationships in universities may be long-distance in nature. In recent years, long-distanced relationships (LDRs) have become increasingly frequent, particularly in young adults (Arditti& Kauffman, 2004). Having to move for work for men and women’s educational and occupational reasons has created a need for many romantically involved couples to be separated in distance (Johnston & Packer, 1987). If a lot of people, particularly the young adults are now involving themselves in this kind of relationship today, then to study this phenomenon is practically relevant in today’s evolving society. The study of premarital long-distance relationships can provide a comprehensive research for relationship counseling (Stephen, 1987). This is to serve as a source in future studies for further research on the experiences and various factors for successful romantic relationships, particularly long distance. The research would provide potential LDR relationships an impact for later marital satisfactions and stability. The purpose of this study was to explore the experiences of individuals in successful long-distance relationships and help present and future couples in maintaining this kind of relationship. Review of Related Literature

Based in existent literature, according to Skinner (2005), a partner in an extreme LDR was perceived as less likely to remain in the relationship, less faithful, as putting less effort, and as having a lower overall quality of relationship.). Stafford (1990) explains that, long-distance couples have more restricted communication and are more idealized than their geographically close counterparts. The only way a long-distance relationship can amount to anything is for it to become a short-distance relationship (Pistole, 2012). Firmin&Lorenzen (2010) specifically found themes of loneliness in LDRs. Loneliness that occurs after seeing the boyfriend and that lonelinesstends to decrease when students are busy and when doing activities with friends. Loneliness seemed to be a feeling that LDRs are often experiencing. Coping strategies include calling to talk and having other friends as their support-base developed a highly perceived value.There have been lots of meanings connected to the relationship and separation of the individuals. Maintenance strategies, and commitment processes have been developed to stabilize such relationships. The importance of technology in staying connected has been emphasized (Arditti& Kauffman, 2004). In addition, communication is an important mechanism for maintaining attachment related proximity (Marvin &Britner, 2008). Schwebel (1992) also explains that the greater effort made by the dating partners to maintain the relationship, the longer the relationship stability. In recent studies, long distance couples who had stayed together and long distance couples who had broken up over the nine-week duration of the study were compared on their relationship maintaining efforts, such as the number of times the couples saw each other and number of times the couples phoned each other over a week. Most of the related literature mentioned showed a significant pattern of negative implications on LDRs. Overall; results suggested that a person’s commitment to the relationship, as enhanced by their maintenance efforts, promoted the endurance of long distance relationships (Skinner, 2005).

Experiences of individuals in a successful long distance relationship Conceptual Framework

Coping strategies
Maintenance strategies

After an extensive discussion and some consultations, it was decided upon that the research topic would be the experiences of individuals in a successful...
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