A Thousand Dollars

Topics: Short story, 1000, Man Pages: 2 (413 words) Published: May 12, 2013
A Thousand Dollars
In the short story "A Thousand Dollars", a young and spoiled man recieves one thousand dollars, of which he inherits from his dead uncle. He is precieved to be selfish and abrasive with the money he earns. Emphasised by the notion that all young and rich men spend their money inaccuratly. However the bankers tell him that he is to spend the money until the end of the day. Flustered by the thought, he unusually spends the money on things other than himself.

Upon spending the thousand dollars, the men who were to judge Mr. Gillian said quite stangently, "as our client, the late Mr. Gillian, explicitly provides - you have used this money as you have money in the past, I quote the late Mr. Gillian- in reprehensible dissipation among disreputable associates..".(5) Giving us the picture that the judges sought him to be foolish with money as every young and irrisponsible man is. Parallel to the idea that all wealthy men are far from being "prudent, wise or unselfish"(5) when it comes to expense. That all they do is deplete the family income on bets and boose.

However when Mr. Gillian was about to recieve the reward for surpisingly spending his money fairly, he tore his reciept of expendatures and requested that the rest of the money go to a women; being his love, he cared for her infinitely. And so it was done as Mr. Gillian asked. The author made this part of the story quite significant in the purpose of showing that young men rarely give up money. Especially when they give up large amounts of money. The scene had a unexpected feel to it. Creating an emphasis that Mr. Gillan's choice was unexpected and not done often. Although this ideal is very genderized, not only because spoiled Mr. Gillan was being humble. But also in the sense that his lost love was set to be fragile and inderectly in need of his help.

In conclusion, the story gives men and women a universal look that is seem to be precieved by much of humanity; all immature and rich...
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