A Thief or a Shop Assistant ?

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‘What? It’s you? You? The…the thief?’ Mum had an exasperated look on her face, with her body trembling.

The story happened when I was eight years old. Mum had run a small store in Shenzhen since I was in kindergarten. I was glad about that since I could have a lot snacks for free.

My brother and I always crushed for home after school. We asked for snacks such as ice-cream, candies, bubble gums, soft drinks… Usually, Mum only gave us the food which was badly packed or nearly expired. But we were lucky sometimes since we could taste the newly released snacks. It’s awesome!

I become an unpaid shop assistant in the store when I was eight. Mum required my brother and me to watch the store for her by turns.

One Sunday morning, it was my turn to watch the store. I was doing my homework while keeping the store.

Soon I heard someone was hawking outside, ‘candied haws, candied haws. Come and buy one for three dollars.’

Then I rushed out to have a look. ‘How much is it?’ I asked the hawker who was in his fifties.

‘It costs you just three dollars for one string of candied haws’ he replied.

I was drooling over the candled haws. ‘Ouch! I just get only two dollars in my pocket. But I really want to have a try.’ I mumbled.

I came up with a bad idea—taking money from the cash box in the store. I promised myself I would never do that again.

However, candied haws were as addictive as drugs. I couldn’t stop myself eating the delicious food when the hawker was nearby, tempting me to buy. Every time he came, I just took money from the store and exchanged for candied haws. Certainly, I dared not to tell Mum.

Murder will out. Mum discovered some money was taken from the cash box soon after she did the monthly accounting. P. 1

‘Oh my god, what’s wrong with it? ’ She found that forty-two dollars was missing. Then she quickly came out with a conclusion-- someone had stolen that money.

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