A Test on Different Types of Teams

Topics: The A-Team, Mathematics, Rhetoric Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: May 21, 2013


1. The Five types of teams are Traditional Model, Team Spirit Model, Cutting Edge Model, Task Force Model and: a. Cyber Team b. Sophisticated Model c. Energetic Model d. Dynamic Model

2. A team is a group of people who come together under shared leadership, mutual responsibility and _____ to achieve agreed-upon goals in a mutually effective fashion. a. Conscious authorityb. Un-orthodox objectives c. Radical views d. Realistic opportunity 3. In the TORI Model, T is for Trust, O is for Openness, R is for Realization and I is for: a. Impressionistic b. Interdependence c. Ironic d. Inspirational

4. In the Forming stage of Team Development, the group members may be _______, adopt wait-and-see attitude, or be formal. a. Pragmatic b. Intolerant c. Conservative d. Anxious

5. In the Norming stage of Team Development, the people get more: a. Fanciful b. Social c. Belligerent d. Morose

6. The letter S in the acronym SMART stands for:
a. Significant b. Spiritual c. Specific d. Subjective

7. With high-performance teams, the climate tends to be informal, comfortable, and relaxed. True or False? a. Trueb. False

8. A common listening problem is that we let our emotions _______ our judgment. a. Interfere withb. Trivialize c. Rationalize d. Reason with

9. Paraphrasing is a fundamental listening skill as it has both a calming & _________ effect. a. Prejudicedb. Clarifying c. Intellectuald. Mesmerizing

10. One possible disadvantage of shared leadership can be that _______ can take more time. a. Decision – making b. Mentoring c. Simplistic thinking d. Logic

11. According to Glenn Parker, team players can be of the types: The Contributor, The ________, The Communicator and The Challenger. a. Co-operator b. Classifierc. Conniver d. Collaborator

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