A Terrible Bike Accident

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  • Published : January 1, 2013
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Having just bought a new bicycle for my birthday, I spent that afternoon practicing my stunts. I called my neighbour who is also my best friend to accompany me into a multi-storey car park adjacent to my block of flats. The place was deserted and cars seldom entered and left in the afternoon. I and my friend, Stamford, thought it was safe to try my stunts. Pedalling furiously, we zoomed up the slope. When we reached the top, I spun around on one wheel and zoomed down again. Stamford did the same, but much better. Screeching to a stop at the bottom, I made another spin in midair and raced up again to show off to Stamford. I was enjoying myself too much that I was drowned in the adrenaline which made me ignorant to the drone of an engine on the third floor. I had just reached the top slope again when a shadow fell over me. All I remember was hearing Stamford yelling,”watch out!” and the screeching of brakes. Some time elapsed because when I opened my eyes, I found myself staring into the concerned eyes of a stranger. I also found myself lying on the concrete floor of the car park and about 5 metres away from the car. At the time, I did not know that he was a paramedic. I tried to sit up and noticed the maroon car at the top of the slope. Everything came rushing back to me. I asked the man if the driver was all right. I was overwhelmed by a sense of dread when he told me that the elderly driver was so shocked when he saw me that he had a heart attack at the wheel. I guess Stamford was so scared that he would get into trouble as he was part of this and he rode his bicycle away in guilt. I grabbed the man’s hand and forced myself to stand up. Everything around me was spinning and i felt a warm liquid trickling out from my nose, but i ignored everything. All i could think of was the old driver. Just then, i saw the paramedics gently move his limp body away from the steering wheel, lift him out of the car and rush towards the ambulance. The driver’s family...
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