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  • Published : December 4, 2013
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adfjla;1. Themes and Discussion
2. Themes in Gattaca Genetic Engineering and the moral and ethical issues surrounding it. Human Frailty vs. Inhuman Perfection Oppression and Discrimination Science vs. Religion (or “Ethics”) Most of these themes are inter-related and so we will discuss them together. In an essay you will need to select the most relevant information for the point you are making. 3. Names in Gattaca Jerome = Genome (Genetic material) Morrow = i.e. as in tom morrow (of the future) “ Eugene” = comes from Greek, which means “well born” Eugenics – Science of improving the hereditary qualities of a race or breed. Gattaca = GTCA, symbols for four main chemicals in DNA. “ Hoovers” or “J. Edgars” = vacuum cleaning brand and also J. Edgar Hoover, director of FBI. Irene Cassini – the Cassini division is the largest gap in Saturn’s rings 4. Oppression “ As night-fall does not come at once, neither does oppression… It is in such twilight that we all must be aware of change in the air – however slight – lest we become victims of the darkness.” - Justice William O. Douglas 5. Discrimination and Oppression Gattaca is set in a future where science, and not religion, has taken over society. A new form of discrimination has arisen, called GENOISM, discrimination according to one’s genetic purity. Write down three examples of how people are discriminated by their genes in GATTACA. 6. Discrimination and Oppression Examples of discrimination: Labels – “Invalid” – in today’s world this means useless. Use of illegal genetic testing in job interviews. “ God-child” and “Faith birth” Other examples? What examples of discrimination and oppression are there in the world? 7. World Examples of Oppression Nazi Fascism Untouchables caste of India ?? 8.

10. The World of Gattaca is Dystopic How is the world of Gattaca Dystopic? It could be a utopian world: most people are engineered to be born with little or no disabilities. But it is a dystopia. It is...
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