A Temple Dress and a Wedding Dress

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A Temple Dress and a Wedding Dress

For a woman, the day of her wedding is one of the most magnificent, best days of her life. No woman dreams to wear an ugly wedding dress on that very special day. And on that unforgettable day, a groom will see his wife-to-be as the loveliest and beautifully dressed woman in the whole universe. Of course, that kind of love and affection will not end on that day, Nonetheless, it is also vital that on that day, the bride should be a wearing a dress or a gown that will let her stand out. It is typically recommended for a bride to wear a modest wedding dress. In today's modern generation, it is valuable to keep the sacredness of a wedding; one way to do that is to let the bride and all the females included in the entourage to wear modern yet modest wedding gowns. When talking about a temple dress, it is somewhat different from the usual wedding dresses that people typically see today. This kind of dress is what a bride wears during a Mormon sealing wedding ceremony. This kind of Mormon ceremony has many similarities with a wedding; nonetheless, a Mormon bride is allowed to experience both a wedding and a sealing ceremony. In addition, not all Mormon couples have the right to go through a sealing ceremony; those couples who are permitted to do so are given a special permission by their church leaders. A Mormon bride may have freedom in choosing the kind of gown she wants to wear on her sealing ceremony, but she must keep in mind that the key to an appropriate temple dress is simplicity and modesty. Some specification or details of temple dresses include the following: it should be a white dress; the sleeves should be long; it must have a high neckline; and many other details. Whether in a church wedding or in a Mormon sealing/wedding ceremony, it is significant for the bride to be the model of modesty, real beauty, and simplicity on that sacred day. A wedding is holy and should be respected so wearing a modest wedding dress is one...
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