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Needs Assessment of USC Students – FinUal Report| October 7, 2012|


1. Types of Needs Assessment
A modified survey questionnaire was used for the needs assessment. It was designed to get the needs and to help the administration of the University of San Carlos identify the area/topic for the requested programs or seminars.

2. Specific Purpose for Needs Assessment
This needs assessment aimed to: (1) determine the areas where the students of the University of San Carlos would need to enhance their personal life (2) to help the administration of the university to determine what programs or seminars they would conduct that would be appreciated by every student in the university.

3. Techniques Used

A 3-item Survey Questionnaire, consisting of a question for describing their first week in USC, suggested programs, and their background information. The questionnaire was made to know the needs that will enhance the personal life of the students of USC. It can be presumed that the most suggested topic in the second item would be directly correlated and thus constitute the most relevant program.

4. Participants/Respondents
The respondents were the 40 students of USC in 3 of the 4 campuses this School Year 2012 - 2013. There were 10 males and 30 females. Their average age was 17 years old. There were 18 students from the downtown campus, 5 students from the south campus, and 17 students from Talamban campus

5. Instrument
A simple tripartite survey questionnaire was used. The first item, constituting the first part, consists of describing their first week of experience in USC. The second item, or the second part, was an open-ended question requiring each student to suggest a program that can enhance their personal life. The most suggested topic in the second item that will reach 30% will be considered significant. The third item asked for the background of the respondents' birthday to...
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