A Teenage Life (Play)

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A Teenage Life
Vanellie M. Sierra

Act 1: Parents Meet Boyfriend
Act 2: A Bestie Talk
Act 3: Consequences
Act 4: Baby talk and mistakes
Act 5: A New Beginning


Mom - Diana
Dad - Roland
daughter - Tiffany
daughter's boyfriend - Trey
daughter's best friend - Simmone
boyfriend's mom - Denise
boyfriend's boys - Jason , Anthony
girl #1 - Lexi
girl #2 - Kiara
Doctor - Dr. Carter
Old Crush - Jhonny aka J.B.

1st act - Parents Meet Boyfriend
* On a hot saturday night of June, Tiffany talks to her mom about how excited she is of bringing her boyfriend, Trey, to meet them after a relationship of 3 months.

Tiffany - Ma, aint you happy to finally meet the love of my life? Mom - Girl snap out of it, you dont know what love is so chill out with that. Oh yeah when that boy you so call "your love" walks through that door, i dont want you to be all up on him. You know your dad is to strict and wouldnt like that. * Tiffany rolls her eyes and whispers - we do more then be up on each other. mom - what you said?

Tiffany - Uh nothing! im about to go take a shower and get all cute for my hubby *smiles* Mom - Yeah ok you gonna end up with a belly if you keep acting the way your acting. Watch. Tiffany - Ugh ! Whatever mother. You and dad are always thinking negative. * Dad walks in* Oh hey daddy ! Dad - Yeah " hey daddy" watch how you talk to your mother.

Tiffany - Oh My Goddddd ! All i said is you and her always thinking negative, like, what can i really do when im always home. Damn. Ugh. Im out. *walks out* Mom - Mhmm go wash that dirty body.
Dad - Eww. Gross. Whats that smell? Oh yeah its just Tiffany. HAHAHA * leaves kitchen* * 45 minutes later the door bell rings
Tiffany - UGH ! im not done doing my make up! Ma! open the door pleaseee ! I'll be down in a second. Mom - Get your ass own here and open this door. This aint my boyfriend we're talking about, i bein' married to your father wayyy before you was even born and you grown now. Tiffany - Oh my lorddd ! help me with this mother of mines ! * door bell rings again and Tiffany goes downstairs and yells IM COMING! * opens door * Hey my love ! i told you to tell me when you was on your way. *Trey kisses her *

Trey - I know baby but my phone died so i left it back in the crib charging so we can talk later on tonight cause i know you. * both smile *
Tiffany - Okay baby, uhm come in i think the food should be ready by now and its deffinately waiting on us. * holds Trey hand and shuts door * Mom, Dad, may you guys please come to my present area, which is the living room * smiles * Trey *whispering* -Let my hand go, i dont want to make a bad impression. Tiffany - WOW ! that's all i needed. Another bitchy person in my life. * lets hand go * * parents walk in *

Dad - So this is the dude that has my daughter falling for him? * mom elbows him*
Trey - How you doing sir ?
Tiffany - Dad this is my boyfriend Trey, babe this is my dad Roland. * they shake hands *
Trey - How you doing ma'am ?
Mom - I'm very good myself, how you doing? I'm Tiffany's mom, Diana. Trey - I'm great just a little nervous *chuckles*
Tiffany - aww baby why you nervous? haha scary cat.
Dad - Tiffany dont laugh at the man, i was the same way when i went to meet your grandparents. Mom- Your dad almost had a heart attack when your grandma came out of her room with a facial mask and it was the first day he came to the house. Do you know how embarrased i was? She did that on purpose. The funny thing is ... * stays quiet for a few seconds * we were the same age as you guys. I was a few months from turning sixteen and Roland had turned sixteen already. Good times. Tiffany *yawning* - uhh huhh ! Ma? Can we like , go eat now ? Cause you making me tired with your stories and i hear the food calling us ! Look, look listen, you hear that? Tiffanyyy, Rolanddd, Dianaaa, Treyyyy! Trey - Listen to you being all rude , let her talk.

Dad - Hahaha ! How you like that...
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