Topics: Erosion, Soil, Geomorphology Pages: 2 (571 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Soil erosion and management on the Loess Plateau 作者: 作者单位: 刊名: 英文刊名: 年,卷(期): 被引用次数: CAI Qiang-guo Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research, CAS, 地理学报(英文版) JOURNAL OF GEOGRAPHICAL SCIENCES 2001,11(1) 6次

参考文献(23条) 1.Chen Yongzong;Jing Ke;Cai Qiangguo Modern Erosion and Management 1988 2.Lal R Soil erosion by wind and water: problems and proposals 1988 3.Shi Nianhai Loess Plateau and evolution of its agro-forest distribution area 1981 4.Zhu Kezhen Preliminary study of climate change in the last 5000 years of China 1973(02) 5.Tang Keli;Cai Qing Relationship between soil erosional process and eco—environmental evolution on the Loess Plateau. Collected Papers on Environmental Evolution and Law on Water and Silt Operation in Huanghe Drainage Basin 1991 6.Liang Jianmin Observation and experiment of rainfall interception of tree canopies 1980 7.Hudson N W Soil Conservation 1971 8.CAI Qiang-guo;Chen Hao Impact of vegetation coverage on rainfall splashing 1989 9.Cheng Jimin The role of forest vegetation on Ziwuling to soil erosion 1987 10.Xia Xuan;Tang Keli Study on impact of vegetation on soil properties and soil erosion 1992(02) 11.Li Yong Root system of plant and wash resistence of soil 1993(03) 12.Zeng Boqing;Ma Wenzhong Study on impact of artificial grass coverage on water-borne silt yield 1990 13.Cai Qiangguo;Wu Shuan;Chen Hao;Ma Shaojia Impact of steep slope grass planting on runoff erosion induced silt yield 1992 14.Shi Nianhai;Cao Erqin;Zhu Shiguang Evolution of Forest and Grass on the Loess Plateau 1985 15.WANG Shouchun On Loess Plateau vegetation in ancient times 1990(04) 16.Cai Qiangguo;Wang Gui-ping;Chen Yong zong Small Drainage Basin Erosion Process and Simulation on the Loess Plateau 1998 17.Luk S H;H Chao;Cai Q G;Z J Jia Spatial and temporal variation in the strength of loess soil,Lishi,China 1989(04) 18.Zheng Fenli;Tang Keli;Zhou Peihua Study on influencial factors rill erosion of the slopeland 1989(02) 19.Sanchez...
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