A Teacher I'Ll Never Forget

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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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usually i find reading posts about someone's loved one passing awkward. it's hard for me to empathize sometimes. how can i feel sad for someone i don't know and know nothing about? the pessimist inside me believes that people throw around half-assed condolences all the time and that's why i had second thoughts if i should do this or not. i thought, why bore whoever bothered to even read this post with ranting about a person they have never even met? they'll just probably feel obliged to leave a courteous comment but not really mean it. but then i realized it doesn't even matter if no one reads this. i'm writing this because i owe at least this much to this person who has been a part of my life.

mrs. leonardo was my (and the rest of my sibs') music theory teacher. her first name escapes me at the moment but fuck, i probably don't know it all. i'm not even entirely sure if it's really mrs or just ms. so let me explain a bit. i started taking formal piano lessons at miriam music center since i was four. in our music school, if you're under the royal school of music program, you'll have two lessons a week. one would be a practical lesson with your instrument teacher, and the other would be the theory lesson with mrs. leonardo. what she teaches is basically what we've all learned in grade school and high school music class about the clefs, notes, scales, time signatures, key signatures, composers, etc. etc. and then some more. i can't remember what age i actually started with her, probably a year or two after i started so that would make me 6. Since i stopped going to theory class sometime during high school, she's been my teacher for at least a decade. i stopped piano 1st year college. theory classes a couple of years before that since they weren't as necessary and plus, mrs. leonardo didn't teach it anymore.

10 years with one teacher. you just don't have something like that in regular school. when i started theory classes, all i had to do was practice drawing...
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