A Teacher in the Making

Topics: Certified teacher, Teacher, Education Pages: 4 (1183 words) Published: January 25, 2011
In-Campus Reflections- (Narrative Report)
by: Eileen Reyna T. Magdayo

“A Teacher in the Making….”
“Education is not a preparation for life; but life itself…” October 27, 2010… I went to the office of Dr. Beverly Bicar for the evaluation. I was so happy when she allowed me to have my practicum even with two subjects other than the in and off campus loads. Finally, I would be a step closer to the fulfillment of my Bachelor’s Degree of becoming a teacher….the profession I will always and forever be proud of.

November 3, 2010… The day when we had our recollection at Pal-ing with Bishop Honesto Ch. Pacana as the speaker. I could not forget what he shared about “trust” and “responsibility” which a future teacher needs to possess. It is indeed very important that in everything we do, we surrender it to God. It is very important to ask His guidance and protection. Being a student teacher is a challenging endeavor that entails a lot of courage and preparation.

November 9, 2010… This day is the general orientation with Prof. Edna Maganding for the secondary and Prof. Janet Martinez for the elementary. We were all given a copy of the ELC (Experiential Learning Competencies) handbook for our guide. It was a nice experience indeed that our professors see to it that we were all ready to face any disputes that the practicum would give to us. This also gave me the impression that a new undertaking of my life is yet to come.

November 10, 2010... The First day in SSL… Ma’am Improgo and Sir Oton gave us the overview on what do we need to do during our stay at BSU-SSL. I was really so excited at the same time nervous way back then.

My Supervising Instructor, Mr. Reynaldo T. Oton, a very approachable and workaholic teacher gave me a genuine idea that being a teacher is not just merely discussing in the classroom. There are lots of other things to do like checking test papers, projects and other requirements. Teaching is never easy yet this is...
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