A Talk to Teachers About Bullying - Short Essay

Topics: Bullying, Education, Teacher Pages: 2 (514 words) Published: October 3, 2012
A Talk to Teachers About Bullying
“Let’s begin by saying that we are living through a very dangerous time.  Everyone in this room is in one way or another aware of that.  We are in a revolutionary situation, no matter how unpopular that word has become in this country.  The society in which we live is desperately menaced, not by Al Qaeda, but from within.  To any citizen of this country who figures himself as responsible – and particularly those of you who deal with the minds and hearts of young people – must be prepared to ‘go for broke.’  Or to put it another way, you must understand that in the attempt to correct so many generations of bad faith and cruelty, when it is operating not only in the classroom but in society, you will meet the most fantastic, the most brutal, and the most determined resistance.  There is no point in pretending that this won’t happen.” Bullying is a very common thing in schools all around the world. Bullying is the number one cause of suicidal deaths in America. Although bullying is very common, there is someone in ever kids life that could help kids to understand that bullying is wrong. Teachers are people who have a very powerful persuasion on the decisions students make. With teachers persuading students to not bully or allow bullying, bullying can be wiped out of schools.

Being a victim of bullying, I know for a fact that teachers can help out in many ways. While people are bullied in school, teachers are able to observe the kids being bullied, or the bullies. Not only can teachers view students to see who is being bullied, but they can also teach kids as to why bullying should not take place. If teachers can aid students in need, then bullying in school can disappear. The many ways in which teachers can help are both direct and indirect ways.

The idea of helping students out in both direct and indirect ways can and will allow all students to be effected. If a student were shy and afraid to tell a teacher that they are being...
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