A Tale of Two Brothers (Compare and Contrast)

Topics: Police, Accountant, Lieutenant Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: May 22, 2012
A Tale of Two Brothers
Most brothers are alike for the most part while others are as different as two snowflakes. They both look the same until you look closer and start comparing them to one another. Growing up in the same household would play a big part in ones likes and dislikes. It is living together which could sometimes cause one to grow one away from the other. Michael and Anthony, two brothers, are different in some ways but still have some similarities.

Michael and Anthony were normal boys, with normal childhoods. At home, Michael did all of his chores, studied and always obeyed his elders. Anthony, on the other hand, always found an excuse as to why he could not do his chores, finish his homework, or mind his elders. You would expect Michael to do well in school, since he studied and did everything he was supposed to do. He wanted to grow up to become an accountant like his father. Anthony did well in school, despite the insubordination. Anthony did not want to be like his father; instead, he wanted to become a policeman. Both of the brothers had ideal dreams and did not seem like a far stretch from reality. The future had another plan for these two.

Both Michael and Anthony kept their heads straight all through high school. Michael did a little bit better landing himself a partial scholarship for college. Anthony, although very athletic, did not receive a scholarship. Anthony decided to try his hand with the Army, as a military police officer. He figured this would be the closest thing to being a police officer for Washington, D.C. A year later, Michael decided to join the Navy and entered their accounting program.

While in the Army, Anthony found a way to enter the police force for Washington D.C. He went to college in order to become an Army Commissioned Officer in the military. He majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Business Management. In his spare time he was a disc jockey and used his money to pay for school. All of his hard work...
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