A Tale of 2 Coaches

Topics: Leadership, NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship, United States men's national basketball team Pages: 2 (587 words) Published: January 16, 2013

Case Study Analysis Paper 1: A Tale of Two Coaches
Pamela White
Grand Canyon University: LDR-600
December 19, 2012

Bobby Knight is an American college basketball coach. He has the most coaching victories in NCAA men's basketball history. His 1975–76 Indiana University team had a perfect 32–0 record and went on to win the NCAA championship. He was the coach for the U.S. men's basketball team in 1984 and led them to Olympic gold. His temper was legendary and in 2000 he was fired from Indiana. (Bobby Knight Biography, 2012) Duke's Mike Krzyzewski is known as "Coach K”. He is known as “Coach K” to friends and admirers because "Krzyzewski" is hard to say and spell. He has the most notable record in college basketball. He has four national championships and has more wins than any other active men's basketball coach. Only Bobby Knight, who was his mentor from West Point, has more wins. (Zegers, n.d.) They are two of the most successful basketball in history. They share leadership styles, yet these styles are very different. Bobby Knight is an in your face type of coach. He uses fear and leads by using rewards and punishments. He uses tight supervision and control. Coach K believes in empowering his players and sets high goals and maintains standards. He leads with respect. He leads through personal power of being referent. Both coaches are passionate, disciplined, and competent in their jobs as a coach and care a lot for the players both on and off the court. They both motivate the players. Coach K uses social intellect, is open and agreeable. The leadership style of Bonny Knight is more inline with the managerial role. Coach K’s leadership style is more in line with the leadership role. (Silverthorne, 2006) Leadership traits vary by organization. Leadership styles also vary depending on the projects and the individals involved.. Leaders...
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