A System Design Document

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System Design Document

The System Design Document describes the system requirements, operating environment, system and subsystem architecture, files and database design, input formats, output layouts, human-machine interfaces, detailed design, processing logic, and external interfaces.


1 Purpose and Scope

This section provides a brief description of the Systems Design Document’s purpose and scope.

2 Project Executive Summary

This section provides a description of the project from a management perspective and an overview of the framework within which the conceptual system design was prepared. If appropriate, include the information discussed in the subsequent sections in the summary.

1 System Overview

This section describes the system in narrative form using non-technical terms. It should provide a high-level system architecture diagram showing a subsystem breakout of the system, if applicable. The high-level system architecture or subsystem diagrams should, if applicable, show interfaces to external systems. Supply a high-level context diagram for the system and subsystems, if applicable. Refer to the requirements trace ability matrix (RTM) in the Functional Requirements Document (FRD), to identify the allocation of the functional requirements into this design document.

2 Design Constraints

This section describes any constraints in the system design (reference any trade-off analyses conducted such, as resource use versus productivity, or conflicts with other systems) and includes any assumptions made by the project team in developing the system design.

3 Future Contingencies

This section describes any contingencies that might arise in the design of the system that may change the development direction. Possibilities include lack of interface agreements with outside agencies or unstable architectures at the time this document is produced. Address any possible workarounds or alternative plans.

3 Document Organization

This section describes the organization of the Systems Design Document.

4 Points of Contact

This section provides the organization code and title of the key points of contact (and alternates if appropriate) for the information system development effort. These points of contact should include the Project Manager, System Proponent, User Organization, Quality Assurance (QA) Manager, Security Manager, and Configuration Manager, as appropriate.

5 Project References

This section provides a bibliography of key project references and deliverables that have been produced before this point.

6 Glossary

Supply a glossary of all terms and abbreviations used in this document. If the glossary is several pages in length, it may be included as an appendix.


In this section, describe the system and/or subsystem(s) architecture for the project. References to external entities should be minimal, as they will be described in detail in Section 6, External Interfaces.

1 System Hardware Architecture

In this section, describe the overall system hardware and organization. Include a list of hardware components (with a brief description of each item) and diagrams showing the connectivity between the components. If appropriate, use subsections to address each subsystem.

2 System Software Architecture

In this section, describe the overall system software and organization. Include a list of software modules (this could include functions, subroutines, or classes), computer languages, and programming computer-aided software engineering tools (with a brief description of the function of each item). Use structured organization diagrams/object-oriented diagrams that show the various segmentation levels down to the lowest level. All features on the diagrams should have reference numbers and names. Include a narrative that expands on and...
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