A Synopsis of We Were Here

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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“We Were Here” Extra Credit
The documentary film, “We Were Here”, was produced and directed by David Weissman. The film revolves around the thoughts and experiences of the people who were around when the disease, AIDS was first discovered. The film involved many residents of San Francisco, more specifically, the Castro. Many people were interviewed for this film; some of those people were Guy, Eileen, Paul, Daniel, and Ed. The men and woman interviewed in the film are homosexual and have many memories of the day when they first heard about AIDS. During the late 1970s, San Francisco was the place to be. It was known to be liberal, in the sense that they did not discriminate against homosexuals. Many homosexuals came to San Francisco so they can be “themselves”. They created a community in the neighborhood of the Castro where they could live the way they wanted to and feel accepted by others around them. Here they felt like they belonged because where they were before they left like outcasts. As said in the film, 1981 was the year that started it all. This was the year when people started to hear about AIDS. However, it was introduced as the “mysterious gay cancer” because it first presented in gay men. So when people heard about it, it was associated with the gay community. No one knew anything about this disease but every one was being warned. When many people started to get infected, the gay community reacted with starting up food banks and support systems for the people infected. This showed people how strong and unified the gay community was. The stories and memories told by these people were a fascinating look into how lived through such an epidemic. Eileen was the only woman interviewed in the film. She was involved in starting up a women’s clinic during the time where abortions were considered illegal. She was a nurse so she saw first hand what people with HIV and AIDS were going through. None of her gay friends are alive today because of the disease....
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