A Synopsis of the Movie I Not Stupid Too

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Movie Analysis

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Director:Jack Neo

Producer:Chan Pui Yin
Seah Saw Yam

Writer:Jack Neo

Casts:Shawn Lee (Tom Yeo) [pic]
Ashley Leong (Jerry Yeo)
Joshua Ang (Chengcai Lim)
Jack Neo (Mr. Yeo)
Xiang Yun (Mrs. Yeo)
Huang Yiliang (Mr. Lim)

Studio:Media Corp Raintree Pictures

Distributor:United International Pictures

Release date:26 January 2006

Running time:124 minutes


Language:English, Mandarin, Hokkien


I Not Stupid too is a satirical comedy film focused on the theme of problems in educational system, generation gap, upshots of media and abusive use of technology as a form of escapism, juvenile delinquency and other related social issues. Throughout the film, you will tend to reflect with some scenarios which you will find tremendously familiar with our country’s pertinent issues which make it appears that we are not alone with these pandemic diseases that inflict our contemporary society.

It was written and directed by Jack Neo who is widely known for his films which he used to present annotations with the intention of addressing serious issues that matters and presenting it in a humorous and youthful perspective.

“When was the last time someone praised you? When was the last time you praised someone?” – These are the questions posed at the beginning of the film which made me contemplate on myself for a while and somehow gave me a glimpse of what the movie is all about.

The film is narrated and seen through the eyes of the eight year old Jerry Yeo; presenting the lives, struggles and adventures of him and his brother Tom Yeo and their friend Chengcai Lim. Jerry enjoys performing arts, while Tom excels in technological aspects and a talented writer and blogger. They come from a well heeled family with busy parents. On the other hand, Chengcai is physically active and an adept fighter. Unlike his friends, he comes from a working class background and was raised by his widowed ex-convict father.

The story started with Tom, receiving a trophy for being a champion blogger. But instead of being proud of his son, Mrs. Yeo confronted him, saying that writing nonsense is not awesome. As Jerry narrated, “Grown-ups think that, by telling us a lot, they are communicating. Actually, they are running their own shows.” – their parents keep on blubbering too much and don’t care about their children’s feelings as long as they are able to say their pieces.

At school, Jerry was chosen as the lead narrator for their school play and encouraged by his teacher to get his parents to attend. But he falters because he knows that his parents are very busy and view performances as just a waste of money and time. Aside from this, he got bullied by his classmates who made her kiss a girl and fallaciously made him believe that he might impregnate her as what they’ve seen from the television. This made him anxious and tried to ask from adults around him on how do babies come about but none of them bother and open enough to tell him the truth. Confuse of what to do, he bought pineapples for her based from what he heard that eating this will cause miscarriage. As a result, the girl was brought in the school clinic and their parents were then called. Because of this, Jerry’s parents had...
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