A Synopsis of the Movie, When the Levees Broke

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  • Published : May 2, 2011
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The title of the film that we watched in class was "When the Levees Broke." The documentary was about Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it brought on and the examination of the governments slow response. I will clearly connect the sociological concepts of institutional racism, power, and discrimination with examples of the film. The film primarily focused on chapters 10 and 11.

One example that i found in the readings that pertained to the film was institutional racism. The author defines institutional racism as "laws, customs, and practices that systematically reflect and produce racial and ethic inequalities in a society, whether or not the individuals maintaining these laws, customs, and practices have racist intentions. In the film the government unintentionally or intentionally showed racist behavior. The majority of the New Orlean residents that were trapped in Hurricane Katrina were african american and they believed that race played a factor for the slow response from the government. Canada was there before the US government .

The second example that i found in the readings that pertained to the film was power. The author defines power as "the ability to affect decisions in ways that benefit a person or protect his or her interests." (Newman) In the film many Hurricane Katrina survivors thought the government wasn't using power properly because help came five days later. Their should of been a faster response. Other countries such as Canada came to rescue faster than the US and thats absurd considering the fact that the US is closer. The US can be in any given country in 24 to 48 hours. The power was not used correctly and ultimately caused to lose many lives.

The third example that I found in the readings that pertained to the film was discrimination. The author defines discrimination as "unfair treatment of people based on some social characteristic, such as race, ethnicity, or sex." (Newman) In the film the government denied knowing...
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