A Synopsis of the Movie Corrina, Corrina

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1. 1961: A raisin in the sun - 2008: A raisin in the sun 2
2. 1967: Guess who’s coming to dinner - 2005: Guess who 3. 1978: King
4. 1985: Corrina
5. 1988: Hairspray 1 - 2007: Harspray 2
6. 1992: Malcom x
7. 1998: Pleasantvile
8. 2011: The help

5. Corrina, Corrina
Corrina, Corrina is a 1994 American feature film set in 1959 about a widower (Ray Liotta) who hires a housekeeper/nanny (Whoopi Goldberg) to care for his daughter (Tina Majorino). It was written and directed by Jessie Nelson. It was the last film Don Ameche made; he died after filming was completed. The wife of Manny Singer (Ray Liotta) has recently passed away. He realizes his young daughter Molly (Tina Majorino) is missing and he goes off to look for her. Manny's father, the unassuming and sweet Harry Don Ameche stumbles upon Molly under the table. He holds her. Molly (Tina Majorino) has not spoken since her mother, Annie, died. Manny's mother, the old world Eva (Erica Yohn) finds them. As his friends and family drive away, Manny struggles to communicate with his daughter. Manny needs to return to work at his advertizing job where he works with his best friend Sid (Larry Miller). Manny searches for a housekeeper/nanny to take care of Molly. Corrina (Whoopi Goldberg) interviews for the position. Since her mother's death, Molly has not only refused to speak but doesn't even acknowledge people. She responds to Corrina and Manny hires Corrina as a housekeeper. Very quickly a strong bond is formed between nanny and child. Corrina works out a system to "talk" with Molly without making her speak and also helps her find a pet turtle they named Lois. Corrina watches the early struggles of life after Annie. She asks about an unfinished grocery list and Manny admits to being unable to erase his wife's handwriting from the board. Late one evening a distraught Manny lies and says his wife is in the bathtub, rather than admit to her sudden passing. Upon hearing this lie, Molly runs to the tub hoping to see her mother. Corrina sees the lonely child sit quietly in the empty bathtub while Manny buries his head in his hands as he sits in the chair Annie purchased for their home. As Corrina adjusts to her new role, Manny and Molly adjust to Corrina's ways too. Manny, overhearing Corrina discussing heaven, asks that Corrina avoid the topic. Manny and his wife were atheists and Manny doesn't want Molly to believe in a god he does not believe in. Corrina does not disobey but notes that she too will just have to explain to Molly that her mother is in the bathtub instead of face reality. Meanwhile, while watching TV, Molly sees a commercial that notes how deadly cigarettes are and watching her father smoke scares the young girl. She begins hiding his cigarettes. While Corrina is making Manny's bed, Molly speaks for the first time noting the spot her mother use to sleep. When consoling Molly about her mother, Corrina explains that Molly's mother is with the angels and perhaps Manny is jealous of the angels who get to spend all day with his wife. Molly finds comfort in knowing her mother is somewhere happy. That night, when Manny comes home, Molly tells him about the dinner she has helped make. Hearing the sound of her voice brings joy to Manny. Corrina stays for dinner upon Molly's insistence and she and Manny discover a common bond in music. Molly begins to spend time with Corrina's sister Jevina, her brother-in-law Frank, her nephew Percy and her nieces Lizzie and Mavis. They take Molly to church and welcome her into their home. The children welcome the shy Molly and they become close friends. Meanwhile, Manny is introduced to Jenny (Wendy Crewson), a perky white woman with two unruly sons. Corrina's sister wants her to date a black man, Anthony. Corrina says she is uninterested and, "in the words of Gertrude Stein, girl, there ain't no "there" there." Manny is still struggling with losing Annie and although Sid...
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