A Synopsis of the Film Twelve Angry Men

Topics: Jury, Voting, Human behavior Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: April 15, 2013
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Fear of Standing Alone
Twelve Angry Men starts off with eleven jurors saying that the victim is guilty and one juror saying that he is not guilty. After hours of deliberation, the movie ends with all of the jurors swapping their votes, saying that the victim was not guilty. It is truly amazing to see the number of jurors that react to different things and how they change their decisions because of other human behavior. Most of the jurors do not really care about the case and voted one way or the other because of personal reasons. “Characteristics or qualities that make human beings different from anything else” or human nature is displayed throughout Twelve Angry Men.

One example of human nature in Twelve Angry Men is displayed when the jurors take a preliminary vote. The foreman says “All those voting guilty, please raise your hands.” When this is said some of the jurors raise their hands without any hesitation. Then there are juror numbers two, five, six, nine, and eleven who just sit there and then raise their hands after a few seconds.

This is an example of human nature because in society most people are afraid of standing alone. The reader can be fortunate that juror number eight was unsure about the ruling of the case and chose to stand alone. This act of human nature reveals that some of the jurors are just voting guilty for the sake of getting out of there or because they want to be with the majority. It shows the reader that not all of the jurors have there own personal views. As humans we see this happening every day. People in today’s world are constantly worried about standing alone so they go along with everyone else’s opinions.

Also, this example of human nature goes deeper as the movie progresses. Juror number nine starts standing up for juror number eight, which shows a bond between the two. Later on in the trial the jurors are told that they may have a write in vote and juror number nine sides with juror number...
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