A Survey of the Working Class

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  • Published : March 30, 2012
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There are 3 major class types when it comes to income of families. There are lower-class, middle-class, and higher-class. I created a survey on how families differ on they're class type. The questions I decided to work with went by figuring out the people that took my survey. For example, when people gave me answers on how their life has been growing up. I have a very young survey group from the information collected on age. Also a lot of females took me survey. I tried to make none bias questions and not miss lead the participants. My results were about 70% the same. Overall my survey went very well with 62 people taking my survey. I only had 2 people not answer all the questions. Introduction

In American culture today, money plays a role in everything. While higher classes get special treatment in many different ways, lower classes don't get any treatment at all to benefit they're lives. Now the higher class may not think they get special treatment but in-fact, they either benefit from donations to colleges to get there son in or also not having to work a job in they're life. A great example of the higher class getting special treatment is when Micheal Vick was charged with dog fighting. He got out of prison early while other offenders served longer sentences. Its a great example of famous high income people get special treatment.

Lower class families don't have opportunities to do much in American society. In the book Harry Potter and the sorcerer stone by J. K. Rowling, Ronald Wheasley and his family doesn't have money to afford new books. While Drako Malfo and is family get all the latest books and equipment. Ron's family doesn't have a great amount of money, but they enjoy what they can afford. While Drako and his family takes advantage of anything and everything just because he can spend money. Method

During the survey process, we created a survey and our teacher distributed it through blackboard. Then we logged into...
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