A Survey of Movie

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  • Published : May 2, 2013
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A Survey of Movie
Background and Objectives:
With the developing of society , movie has been a kind of indispensable entertainment for human beings , in order to catch up with the society , movie also is developing very fast now ,especially the western movies , the Hollywood . So a survey has been conducted and we wrote a report on the basis of the report about: a) Search the degree of they loving movie.

b) Find out what attract people to go to see a movie.
c) Collect the advices to improve the quality of Chinese movies. Methodology:
The researchers interviewed sixty respondents , all are UICERs between eighty to twenty years old , some live in Cultural town , some in Yanhua , and some in Boya . Analysis and Interpretation:

After collecting and analyzing the information, I wrote a text and a picture for each question to state the data . 1.How often do you watch movie?
A. Everyday
B. 2-3 times a week
C. Once a week
D. Once every 2 week
E. Once a month
F .Others
Responses show that the majority of the people (58%) we interviewed every week at least a movie , it means they love movies very much so that movie has been a part of their lives . Quite a few people (35%) see a movie every month ,they are see movies only by entertainment . And hardly any of the people in this class (7%) think movie is insignificant . 2.How do you watch movies?

Go to the cinema DVD Download
More than half of respondents prefer to download the movie on the internet , because it doesn’t need any money and it is so convenience . 32% respondents are more willing to the cinema because of the atmosphere . 3.What attract you to go to see a movie?(you can choose more) Actor Director Poster & advertising

Special effects Spend free time Others

4.Which movie do you prefer?
Chinese__ Western__ Others__
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