A Summary of Stepper Motors and Servomotors

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  • Published : April 23, 2013
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Stepper motors and Servomotors
Motors are the special electrical devices that have been developed by the engineers for the conversion of energy from one form to another. Engineers have developed the science of motors to an extent wherein they can be used for numerous applications and in several technologies. We would discuss the characteristics of two of the most commonly used types of motors, i.e. the stepper motors and the servomotors. Both these motors serve different purposes and are used and employed for different reasons and different applications based on the need and the requirement. The stepper motors are those motors that work on the basis of the x/y axis coordinates and works on the basis of a special torch, which can help in pointing at all the directions and the synchronization observed between the two coordinates and axes of the motor makes it simple to work. The best characteristic of the stepper motor is that it offers high reliability and not only reliability but also exhibits extremely high speed, thus making the operations much more efficient. Numerous technologies make use of the stepper motors and that is because they are also inexpensive. Since these motors make sure that they don’t miss the steps, they give and lead to extremely high efficiency and output. The costs and efforts required for the management and repair of these motors are also comparatively less. Servo motors are slightly different as compared to the stepper motors. They are actually the rotary actuators that help in gaining complete accuracy and precision for the purpose of controlling the angular position during the working of the motors. They are high performance motors and usually replace the stepper motors due to their high performances. One major advantage that the stepper motors have but servomotors don’t have is that the stepper motors are comparatively cheaper than the servomotors and hence tend to be more employed and used. Servo motors are also usually bigger and...
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