A Summary of Philippine Writers before the Coming of Spaniards

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  • Published : November 25, 2012
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=the imparting or exchanging of information by speaking, writing, or using some other medium television is an effective means of communication =means of sending or receiving information, such as telephone lines or computers:satellite communications =means of travelling or of transporting goods, such as roads or railways:a city providing excellent road and rail communications 2.Listening

a.There are three modes of listening: competitive, passive and active. Active listening is considered the most effective because the listener is not only listening with interest, but actively acknowledging listening by brief responses. Most individuals are not as skilled at listening as they think. Depending on the study, listeners likely remember 25 to 50 percent of what they hear, according to Mindtools. Giving the speaker your undivided attention and not focusing on what you are going to say in response while he is talking is a good way to ensure you hear more of what is being said. Speaking

b.Speaking can be an intimidating experience, even in your native tongue, let alone when learning a new language. The best way to learn how to speak, though, is by practicing, so put your inhibitions aside and strike up a conversation whenever you are given an opportunity to do so. When speaking, be aware of your pace, try not to mumble and use expression, both so that you don't sound monotonous and to keep your listener interested. Reading

c.Children learn to read by first learning their ABCs and sounding out the letters to discover what sound they make. The phonetic approach to reading---using sound units to figure out the words---is arguably the best approach because theoretically, if you know the sounds, you can read any word, regardless of the difficulty level. This is also the case when learning a new language. Reading has many benefits, including improving memory (it's exercise for the brain), increasing vocabulary and exposing you to new ideas. Writing

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