A Summary of Motivational Studies in the Daily Life of Individuals

Topics: Motivation, Educational psychology, Regulatory Focus Theory Pages: 8 (2426 words) Published: February 17, 2013
A Summary of Motivational Studies in the Daily Life of Individuals

Motivation can bring about life changes from mundane to the extravagant. A man dropping 100lbs before his first child is born, a woman determined to graduate college to get out of the ghetto, or a child learning an instrument to hear the praise of an elder all of these involve motivation. Motivation stimulates transformations in areas of physical activity, learning, mood, memory, occupations, creativity, and understanding. The achievement of any goal depends on person’s motivation. Motivation affects perseverance in the execution of goals, and the degree to which this is accomplished is related to mental and physical health of an individual. The types of motivation vary depending on the goal that is yet to be accomplished. Extrinsic motivation exists when the course of motivation is an outside factor such as a reprimand or reward. While intrinsic motivation stems from many more tasks such as pursuit of interesting task, anticipate challenging tasks, persistence despite failure, or making changes when warranted. In many individuals, there is not an either or situation between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation rather people utilize both concepts to achieve goals. (Ormrod, 2012) When there is a lack of motivation individual’s may have mental health issues. There are also different forms of motivation compared to the Western philosophy bringing information about cultural motivation into question. The following research studies exemplify the use or concept of motivation in a variety of daily life activities, lack of motivation with mental state, and cultural divides with concerns to motivation. Every study chosen is linked to one another through motivation.

The amount of attention individual’s practice during a given day is variable and dependent upon the tasks the individual encounters along with working memory. Since attention plays a role in the motivation of an individual; distractions and the interruption are a negative effect on attention and motivation. Researchers began a study focused on working memory performance on day to day related activities with regard to controls of attention and motivation. The study included 101 participants in the age range of 21-30 who varied from university students to married and employed individuals. Researchers screened the individuals for existing depressive symptoms to rule out pre-existing conditions that could affect the results of the research. Recruitment for the study was done via advertisements for interested individuals then they were contacted via telephone interview to obtain relevant information. Potential candidates were then invited to a session aimed at giving information about the study, incentives associated with the study, and questionnaires about pertaining to demographics was obtained. Once individuals had been informed they could sign up for the study. During the study individuals were gathered into rooms with three to six computers to work individually on tasks. Tasks ranged from visual acuity, self-reporting, twelve different cognitive tasks, three varying working memory tasks, and then concluded with another self-report. To address the negative effect subscale was included on each session from each individual and then correlated to their test scores.

The results showed that motivation was hindered when negative effect of outside forces had occurred on a particular session day. If a person was distracted or angry their motivation to follow through with the cognitive or working memory testing was below their previous average score. The difference between each individual’s day to day structure depending on how systematic their routine was normally. In some individuals, the variability and their attention to task were hindered leading to lack of motivation. However, this was not the case in all individuals and because of this weak link further questions arise. Future...
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