A Summary of Hybrid Advertising

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  • Published : November 22, 2011
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1 Hybrid advertising

Hybrid advertising in journalism is getting more popular every day. Advertisers get a lot of money from it and it is a kind of amusement to the public. The amusement is without doubt short, because as journalists we know that hybrid advertising has a negative impact on people and they gradually lose trust in credibility of news that journalists provide for them. We chose this topic because it is close to us and because we are aware of the negativity of hybrid advertising that should definitely be reduced. We can find hybrid advertising in newspaper, television internet and even radio. We have a wide variety of media that has a big influence on us and it is impossible not to be mislead by them. To help you recognize this advertising evil, we will present you the characteristics hybrid messages and everything that goes with it.

Hybrid advertisements are composed of two types of texts, found in the media: commercial and journalistic. To better grasp the concept of hybrid advertising, one must first get acquainted with terms such as advertising and journalism.

1.1 Advertising
Advertising is every form of promotion of ideas, products and services, provided or enabled by the person or company, who paid for and ordered the advertisement. This definition contains the key element of advertising – it is a presentation of a product, made and paid for by a person or company, whose identity is revealed through the ad.

The purpose of advertisements is not just to inform the public about a new type of product, but also to influence and persuade the people to think this product is good and worth buying. An advertisement must be composed in a way that it is recognizable by the public as a commercial. It has to be presented in a certain way (vivid colors, special shape, images of the product ...).

1.2 Journalism
The main characteristics of journalistic texts are:
they inform the public about what is in their interest
they report about...
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