A Summary of an Efficient Tamil Text Compaction System

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  • Published : March 5, 2012
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An Efficient Tamil Text Compaction System
N.M..Revathi, G.P.Shanthi, Elanchezhiyan.K, T V Geetha, Ranjani Parthasarathi & Madhan Karky Tamil Computing Lab (TaCoLa), College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University, Chennai. haisweety18@gmail.com, jijutodo@gmail.com, madhankarky@gmail.com

Tamil is slowly becoming the online language and mobile text messaging languages for many Tamils around the world. Social networks and mobile platforms now extensively support Unicode and applications for keying Tamil text. The number of characters in a text message is limited in some social nets and mobile text messages. The need for compacting the text becomes essential as it translates to saving online storage space, cost and many more factors. The paper proposes a text compaction system for Tamil, a first of its kind in Tamil. The system proposed in this paper handles common Tamil words, acronyms/abbreviations and numbers. Morphological analyzer [1] and Morphological generator are used to stem inflexion words and replace them to compact using a mapping repository. The proposed work is tested with over 10,000 words and it is found that the final result is reduced to 40% of the original text. The paper concludes by discussing possible extensions to this system.

1. Introduction:
In all languages, using compact or short form of words in text messages, emails, and blogs is rapidly increasing. It is particularly popularly amongst young urbanities as it allows for voiceless communication, useful in noisy environment that would defeat a voice conversation and also buffered communication since the message the sender wants to convey can be accessed by the receiver at any time. Compacting text is thus necessary because of limited message length in blog sites and tiny user interface of mobile phone. Getting the shortest word has no rule and it is mainly aimed at understanding. That is, those words should be understood by everyone. We can obtain the compact words by...
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