A Summary and Review of Winning

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A Summary and Review of Winning by Jack Welch
Tuesday November 20, 2012
Video Interview – “Winning advice (Jack Welch)”
Traits that he looks for in a staff and eventual future leaders: * People that are “smarter than me.”
* People that have the “Four E’s:”
1. Energy – the ability to energize people
2. Execute – to “get it done.”
3. Edge – do you have it?
4. Passion (I know – no E here) – “I want passion, I want them to care more.” * Success is all about growing others – how to motivate middle and bottom performers: 1. Top performers (20% or so)

2. Middle Performers (about 70%)
3. Underperformers (bottom 10%)
* Does everyone know where they stand in the organization? * “Winning is everything.”
* Would you rather be in the winner’s or loser’s locker room?” * “Winning is more fun, more energizing, more rewarding in every way – in the soul, in the wallet, every place you want to be.” * Take charge of your life, do not play the victim – one of the UTO core competencies – Ownership Spirit. Introduction

“Every Day, There Is a New Question”
* Jack Welch first started the book “Winning” after he retired as CEO from GE. He decided to start writing this book because thousands of people who had a passion for business began asking him all sorts of various questions about business. Jack said, “All the questions boiled down to this: What does it take to win?”

* Jack believes that winning is great because he stated, “When companies win, people thrive and grow.” By winning, more opportunities arise and people become happier. This is where the book begins, because people from all over the world in all types of positions are looking for the answers to help them win and succeed in their own careers.

* “When companies win, people thrive and grow. There are more jobs and opportunities everywhere and for everyone…When companies are losing on the other hand, everyone takes a hit. People feel scared. They have...
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