A Successful Person essay

Topics: High school, Teacher, Education Pages: 4 (1559 words) Published: April 25, 2013
More Than a Mentor

Francisco Vargas
Option 2: A Successful Person (interview)
April 17, 2013

Antonio Gonzales is more then just a mentor, he’s a great friend with great advice. We briefly met my freshmen year at AHS. Before I got to AHS he was a social studies teacher, teaching in English and Spanish. He was the activities director my freshman and sophomore year and became the 9th grade assistant principal my junior year. My senior year was when I got to know him a lot better. He became the 10th grade assistant principal and he asked me to be his aid for a semester, so I said yes. From that moment on he became my tutor, advisor, friend, life mentor, he was always there to help me.

He obtains his success from the success of his students. He loves to help out students and push them in the right direction. I was fortunate enough to have that push I needed in life from him. Right after graduation he invited me to go on a pilgrimage for vocations that he had been going on since he was a little kid. He told me it would be a great experience. He was right, it really helped me emotionally, especially because of where I was at in my life making the transition from high school to college or as he said “Your transition from teenager to young man.” I wasn’t planning on attending college but he motivated me and helped me so I could go on to attend UNM. Once I was at UNM he also helped me get a job at ENLACE, which is where he had worked as a tutor when he was in college. I can see how successful he has become from the way he gives me advice and the way he helped me and helps others in need as well. I decided to interview Mr. Gonzales because he is a responsible, motivated, emotionally intelligent man. Truthfully I really feel like he has all eight of the success strategies from the On Course text.

It was really hard for him to find time to have an interview, since he was always busy at work or at home with his newborn baby. I...
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