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IA Submission to University -Process Manual New Process (Step 1): A major paradigm shift adopted from April-May term-end exams of the University. EduNxt portal will continue to remain the base enabler for the students to get their assignment questions, however, now, it will also additionally enable them to submit their answers for assignment question. For that, first and foremost, students need to sign in EduNxt portal using their username and secret password. Refer the following screen of EduNxt portal:

New Process (Step 2): The following page would become visible upon successful signing in to the EduNxt portal. Students are required to click ‘Upload IA’ button to proceed further and to view instructions and list of Subjects for uploading the answers of assignments.

New Process (Step 3): This page captures the salient instructions and also displays the subjects in the table for which the corresponding student need to pass the continuous evaluation component.

The student can access the questions of assignments for a particular subject by clicking on the link under the column ‘Question Paper’ against that particular subject in the row. The salient instructions for preparing the answer of these questions of assignments are as follows: INSTRUCTIONS FOR ASSIGNMENT SUBMISSION (Applicable to those which are available in EduNxt) 1. Ensure that you answer all questions according to the marks allocated (not more than 400 words for a 10-mark question and not more than 200 words for a five-mark question). The total page limit shall not exceed 8 pages of A-4 size. Students are advised to check their Assignments thoroughly before uploading the same, as Only ONE submission will be considered and evaluated. Multiple submissions are not allowed. 2. Please restrict the assignment document size to
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