A Subjective View on Contemporary Art: What Makes Bad Art?

Topics: Art, Damien Hirst, Arts Pages: 3 (1266 words) Published: November 7, 2012
A Subjective View on Contemporary Art: What Makes Bad Art?
Today, many of us are desensitized to fine arts due to a few artists who have emerged since the 20th century who we call controversial, genius, perverted or psychotic. Contemporary art – though difficult to classify to a specific time and central movement – collectively is much more socially conscious than any other previous artistic era. The genre of fine arts has been widening exponentially over the past century, and a few artists have reached down to the nauseating ends of it. They create works that are intensely disgusting and confusing in order to gain an easy way out to get a spotlight from the media. This is because revolting is eye-catching; artists have realized and utilized this strategy in order to seek attention. Recurring disturbances caused by the use of vulgar material and method of expression numbs our appreciation towards contemporary art. The stereotype of the incomprehensibility of modern art is implanted in our minds by this traumatizing grotesqueness. Artists who use art merely as a tool to make money are the main cause of the downfall of appreciable fine art of the 21st century. In the modern world, in order to easily make a controversial work of art, the grotesque seems to be shown. Artists of disputable manner aim to get their names out in the world through whatever it takes- in many cases, unpleasantly. Tracy Emin, a British artist, gained her fame from her award winning installation called My Bed, frankly displaying her sexual life. The installation consists of her own unmade, dirty bed with bloodstained underwear and used condoms. Sure, it is both visually and conceptually striking and straightforward. However, the perception heavily depends on whether the viewer is artistically intellectual or not. For most cases, such works merely leave viewers shaken even after leaving the museum. Unsightliness, however, does not make up for lack of intellectual stimulation. Even the...
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