A Subaltern's Love Song

Topics: Social network service, Twitter, Facebook Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: March 10, 2013
Monique Green
October 30, 2012
Eng 121
Bethann Crust

The internet is a great place for people to communicate. It has been a great hobby for some and a good opportunity for some businesses. In today’s world there are many ways that we can communicate or even reconnect with people; two of the most popular ways are Face book and Twitter. There are two main differences in Face book and Twitter, social relationship and update status.

First, Face book is an ongoing system that is designed for social building, relationship, and the ability to reconnect with old friends and family. Face book allows users to update their status every minute of the day while at work, home, and even in cars. Face book allows us to play games, invite friends to join, updates and even do check ins when we are out on the town having fun with your friends. Even if you want to look up or try to find someone you have that capability with Face book you can search for people, read their bio’s and look picture that they post. Face book is a huge playground where everybody knows everybody and you don’t mind them looking at their profile or photos. However, Face book has the easiest way to search for someone all you need is a First name and the website will do the rest. It allows users to create events and send out invitations. With Face book you can upload more than one picture and have multiple photo albums, and there is no time setting for posting or updating status while on Facebook. Secondly, Twitter is another active social networking website that is popular. The difference in Twitter is that there is not a lot of social relationship or social building. Twitter is designed for keeping people updated on the current events and important topics.

Twitter allows the user has the ability to follow people that they know and in return have people to follow them as well. The user can even follow celebrities, sports, and business. When updating on Twitter it is called a “Tweet” and Face...
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