A Study on E-Learning for Teaching Professionals of Dhaka City

Topics: Dhaka, Higher education, Education Pages: 25 (5157 words) Published: March 19, 2013


National Academy for Educational Management (NAEM) includes Term Paper research for the Officer of BCS (General & Technical education) cadre as a part of 105 Foundation Training Course. Term Paper is a compulsory part of Foundation Training Course.

I want to extend my sincere thanks to the honorable Prof. Dr. Baitun Nahar Director General of NAEM, Ministry of Education, Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Dhaka. The cooperation and encouragement of her is greatly appreciated. She had as always, been a ready source of help for us, which made my work all the more pleasant at all times. Sincere gratitude to Mr. Mushfique Ahmed Assistant Director (Finance) who works as a guide of this research for his valuable advice and suggestions during the time of need.

Special thanks to Prof. Shaikh Ekramul Kabir, Director, (Training & Implementation) and Md. Abdul Maleque Course Director of FTC 105 for their cordial training arrangement. Finally Thanks to all the members of co-ordination committee for their valuable guidance and those people who’s research works are used as reference and raw materials as this research.

Finally, all credit goes to almighty Allah, who enabled me to complete the research work and submit the final report.

Solaiman Ahamed Seraji.


This research is about the teaching professional’s trends of self enrichment by using the modern technological teaching facilities. Some years ago, not many people have heard of the term “e- learning”. A lot of people have heard of terms such as distance education or distance learning, yet with the introduction of e-learning, distance education took on a whole new meaning. With e-learning, the possibilities for getting knowledge and information out to the learner at her/his own place opened a whole new world for knowledge transfer. In recent days E-learning expands its area through telephone line, broad band line and cell phone line internet access and also include the FM radio transmission. So it’s a large area of knowledge. The main objects of this article is how the teaching professionals of Dhaka City enjoy it.


MoE=Ministry of Education
GO=Government Organization
GoB=Government of Bangladesh
NGO=Non-Government Organizations
NAEM=National Academy for Educational Management
NCTB=National Curriculum of Textbook Board
BANBEIS =Bangladesh Bureau of Educational Information and Statistics BBS=Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics
BISE=Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education
DSHE=Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education
VLE=Virtual Learning Environment


|Subject |Page | |Acknowledgements |i | |Abstract |ii | |Abbreviation. |iii | |Contents. |iv | |Introduction |01 | |Justification |02 | |Objectives & Methodology |03 | | Chapter One | | |Definitions of terms & Scope |04 | |Educational Structure |05 | |List...
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