A Study on Women Consumer Behaviors with Special Reference to Durable Goods in Erode City

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  • Published : February 26, 2011
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A Study On Women Consumer Behaviors With Special Reference To Durable Goods In erodeCity

SIGNIFICANCE OF THE FAMILY IN CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR There are many underlying influences both internal and external from the social environment. The combination of these inputs and internal factors can never be complex indeed. Yet, the tools of market research can assess motivation and behaviour with considerable accuracy. Perfect prediction of behaviour is never possible, but properly designed research efforts can significantly lower the risks of the types of product failure. While the consumer cannot knowingly be induced to act in a way contradictory to his or her own goals, motivation and behaviour can be influenced by outside sources. This influence is understood through research. RELIABILITY OF HUSBAND / WIFE INFLUENCE Advertising Managers are particularly interested in knowing which spouse has greater influence while making buying decisions. So that promotional strategy can be oriented accordingly and the ways and means devised to arouse hopes and expectations. DECISION MAKING PROCESS IN A FAMILY All the purchases made by a family follow a certain decision making process. The character and the extent of interaction between a husband and wife present an extremely important dimension in the decision making process. No sale can be effective unless a favourable decision is made by a buyer towards a particular product of a company. DYNAMICS OF HUSBAND/WIFE DECISION MAKING The dynamics of purchase decision making of husband/wife for different consumer non-durables, include, “wife-only”, “the wife more than the husband”, “both the husband and the wife exactly the same”, “the husband more than the wife”, “the husband only” pattern. A very important aspect of the purchase process is the actual activity of making, the purchase, who actually goes shopping are something that reveals the aspects of consumer behaviour. DECISION MAKING CAPACITY OF WIVES IN DIFFERENT TYPES OF...
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